February Monthly Meeting with David Levit, PhD, ABPP, SEP

February 1, 2023

7:15 PM – 9:00 PM (Central Time)

Zoom Virtual Event

1.5 CEs


Dr. Levit will discuss and illustrate the interweaving of principles and approaches from a somatically based trauma therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SE), into psychoanalytic treatment. He will focus on patients with severe early traumas, those who are chronically vulnerable to catastrophic dissociative states. When severe disturbances in the mind/body takes this form, not merely compartmentalization, but “dis-mentalization,” the mind and body are bombarded by overwhelming and disorganizing fragments of: disturbing physical sensations, calamitous affects, disconnected and malevolent flashback echoes and images, and autonomic flooding and freezing.  It is a terrible dilemma in treatment when patients are so swept up in the flood, and/or lost in the fog, such that there is no self who is present enough to hear, take in, and participate in the desperately needed holding and containment that we offer.  Dr. Levit will share clinical material to illustrate how SE can expand our ways of looking, listening and responding, thereby enhancing psychoanalytic holding, in order to mitigate the post-traumatic annihilating impingements from within.  He will also address how SE can enfold into and enhance psychoanalytic modes of therapeutic action in general, not only for patients with trauma and severe dissociation.

  1. After attending the program in its entirety, attendees will be able to:
    Discuss ways in which somatic interventions from Somatic Experiencing can enhance a specific form of psychoanalytic Holding as defined by Winnicott.
  2. Name and describe at least three interventions from Somatic Experiencing.
  3. Discuss a clinical moment with a patient and explain how they might apply a specific somatically based intervention.

David Levit, Ph.D., ABPP, SEP is a Diplomate in Psychoanalysis and in Clinical Psychology.  He is a Fellow at the American Board and Academy of Psychoanalysis and a Fellow at the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. He is an SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner).  His current faculty positions are: Faculty and Supervising Psychoanalyst, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis (MIP); Co-founder, Chair, and Faculty, MIP Postgraduate Fellowship Program-West; Instructor in Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical School.  He is former Associate Clinical Professor in Psychiatry, Tufts Medical School and former Adjunct Associate Professor at Smith College School for Social Work.  He co-authored a chapter in Relational Psychoanalysis, Volume II .  He has presented regionally, nationally and internationally on the subject of interweaving Somatic Experiencing into psychoanalytic treatment and has published on this subject as well. His office is in Amherst, MA where he provides individual psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults and consultation for colleagues.