Salon – Relational Perspectives in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: The Meeting of Two Embodied Unconscious with Denise Lemos Zaborowski, PhD, LPC-S and Maryrose Galluzzo, LCSW


WHEN: February 4, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – February 25, 2019 @ 8:30 pm
Private Office
4131 Spicewood Springs Road
Suite C8
Austin 78759
Beth Martinez

Relational Perspectives in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The Meeting of Two Embodied Unconscious

A Salon facilitated by

Denise Lemos Zaborowski, PhD, LPC-S and Maryrose Galluzzo, LCSW

February 4th, February 11th and February 25th

This is an introductory/intermediate level salon for therapists who want to familiarize or strengthen their knowledge of Relational Psychoanalytic concepts and its two-person psychotherapy model. The readings are intended to facilitate discussions of the meeting of two embodied unconscious, emphasizing both the intrapsychic and the inter-relational psychoanalytic framework. Participants will have the opportunity to identify unconscious material described in psychotherapy that convey the mutual regulation of interaction between client and therapist, where both are affecting and are affected by each other. This psychotherapy relationship is explored as mutual but asymmetrical. The therapist’s observant-participation encompasses theoretical groundedness and spontaneity. The clinical discussions will be centered on the transference-countertransference matrix of experiences, inevitable enactments, and the concept of dissociation/self-states. ...


Clinical Conference: The Use of One’s Unconscious as an Instrument of the Analysis with Lawrence Brown, PhD

March 30, 2019
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

with Lawrence Brown, PhD: Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

We will explore three pathways for representing the analyst’s unconscious experience in the here-and-now of the clinical hour: reveries, countertransference dreams and joke-work. The author terms these three activities spontaneous unconscious constructions. These appear unbidden in the analyst’s mind during the session and signal the analyst’s unconscious work to give meaning to the emotions that arise within the context of the unconscious intersubjective field of the moment. Clinical material from the analysis of an adult man is presented to illustrate the analyst’s use of a joke, a reverie and a countertransference dream as three modalities that unconsciously represent the emotions alive in the analytic encounter.


Diversity Conference: Kittens and Other Nonhuman Inhabitants in Treatment of Transgenerational Trauma with Katie Gentile, PhD

WHEN: April 27, 2019 CONTACT: REGISTRATION COMING SOON Sara Ahmed observes that recognition “produces rather than simply finds its object,” in other words, the techniques of psychoanalytic engagement produce the patients we can recognize. This leaves psychoanalysts attempting to witness and recognize trauma and violence with tools that may Read more…